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Solutio Business Payroll Software

Solutio is an advanced payroll software platform designed to help umbrella companies & recruitment agencies save time and money.
The real-time system streamlines the payroll process by integrating assignment information and all transactions from each supply chain entity including worker, agency, client & provider.

Compatible with existing CRM’s & back office functions, Solutio improves commercial performance, strengthens supply chain relationships and enhances communication via a cloud-based portal and worker app.

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Worker Engagement

Instant onboarding & offboarding, timesheet management, immediate payments & app-based communication.

Real Time Visibility

View all supply chain transactions, tax calculations & assignment information in real time.

Proven Compliance

Unique worker ID, Self-serve Right to Work checks and transparent contract management.

Automated Payroll

Flexible payroll software engine incorporating all billing, invoicing, timesheets, expenses, advances & payslips.

payroll management software by Solutio

Cloud, API & App-based Technology

Solutio has been developed utilising state of the art payroll technology enabling enhanced features and performance for all those working in the contingent workers supply chain; these include cloud-based portals, worker apps for both iOS & Android, third-party system integration and automated document management.

Futureproof and highly secure, the Solutio payroll software service provides free automated updates and fully encrypted data, plus GDPR compliant processes and procedures.

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About the Company

Solutio (UK) Limited is a privately-held global business payroll software company specialising in the recruitment & umbrella sectors with commercial interests in UK & Asia. The company has strategically identified the umbrella & recruitment industry as ones which would benefit extensively from our product, experience and expertise.