Your total recruitment payroll solution

Solutio’s cloud-based platform allows you to manage every aspect of your payroll in one place. Timesheets, invoicing, sick pay, you name it, Solutio has the built-in features your company needs to streamline payroll. The best part? It’s risk-free, affordable, and easy to set up.

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No onboarding fees

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Small monthly licence fee

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Month-to-month contract

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Cloud-based technology

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Single-instance storage

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Multi-tenancy user access

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HMRC integration

It’s time for a payroll revolution

If you’re tired of wasting countless hours trying to integrate new tools with your current software, loathe paying hefty licensing costs, and need a payroll platform that will evolve with your business, maybe it’s time you tried Solutio.

Recruitment payroll software; simplified

With its intuitive, recruitment-focused tools, our system manages your back-office functions and eliminates the need for multiple applications.

Dynamic features

Cut HR costs with Solutio’s all-in-one payroll platform. With real-time data, seamless integration options, compliance reporting, and automated tasks, Solutio saves your HR team precious time manually completing tasks. Solutio is hosted on Google’s robust cloud platform, so you can enjoy lightning-fast payroll runs with instant payslip access and HMRC submissions.

  • Cloud & app-based platform
  • Automated invoicing
  • Multi-model payroll engine

Optimised payroll

Streamline every aspect of your payroll with Solutio’s innovative platform. No more chasing employees for timesheets, onboarding information, or holiday dates; Solutio allows employees to upload this information on our mobile app and share it in real-time. Minimise errors with compliance protocols, employee information, and payroll data available from a single dashboard.

  • Self-serve onboarding & timekeeping
  • Statutory payments management
  • Feature-rich mobile app

Solutio is built for

Accounting Companies

Accelerate your pay run with automated payment processing and synchronise all employee data to one user-friendly platform.

  • Flexible payroll management
  • Fast & easy to integrate
  • Financial reporting tools

Recruitment companies

Manage onboarding, timesheets, and payroll from a single online portal. Solutio helps you minimise overheads and maximise profit.

  • Simple document management
  • Self-serve app for employees
  • Business insights & reporting

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