Solutio Story

Solutio was founded in 2014 by Julian Pilling and David Bell, both experienced entrepreneurs in the software, payroll, recruitment and umbrella arenas. Combining their expertise, they began developing an embryonic version of Solutio to enable umbrella companies to pay their contingent workers quickly and accurately.

Embracing the power of cloud-based and app technology, the pair soon realised that Solutio had the potential to transform an industry still largely reliant on a myriad of antiquated software systems that neither delivered reliable results nor had the capability to integrate with each other.

After successfully deploying the first version of Solutio into various umbrella businesses, an exhaustive period of testing and refinement followed which only served to enhance the product’s capabilities. The addition of even more sophisticated functionality ensured that Solutio inherently synchronised information across the whole contingent workforce supply chain unlike any other product on the market.

Demonstrations to potential new clients proved that Solutio featured an array of unique selling points long since desired by forward-thinking businesses frustrated by the limitations of other platforms. The introduction of stringent GDPR regulations in 2018 further highlighted the importance of data management and proved to be the catalyst for many companies to review their existing software infrastructure; in many instances, the findings were damning.

With workers empowered to self-serve via a state-of-the-art app and payroll teams able to input data in a single instance, Solutio immediately resolved any concerns caused by GDPR non-compliance. Companies could now trust their data implicitly and receive forensic reports that proved all facets of compliance in a single click; the evolution of Solutio had reached a landmark moment.

Fast forward to 2019 and Julian and David strengthened all facets of the organisation with the recruitment of proven industry experts in business development, software development, IT, implementation, support, analysis and marketing. An intensive advertising & PR strategy caught the recruitment industry unawares and instigated a flurry of new clients many of them established brands within the sector.

Further enhancements to Solutio have now established the platform as the ‘best in class’ software product available as demonstrated by our ever-expanding client base. The growth of the company is a testament to the vision, investment and dedication of both Julian and David who passionately believed in the Solutio’s potential from the outset.

As with most successful companies, the journey has been arduous at times, but the endeavour has created a cutting-edge product that is already transforming the operations and profitability of numerous UK recruitment businesses.

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