Lesters Umbrella

Lesters is arguably the oldest umbrella company in the UK with an illustrious history, plus a crystal clear vision for the future growth of the business. Established in 1979, the company has remained at the forefront of the contracting industry due in no small part to the Directors willingness to embrace new technologies over the years. Having experienced the frustrations caused by out-dated legacy payroll systems, Lesters’ implemented Solutio in April 2020, and they are already benefitting from the system’s cloud-based architecture and advanced, intuitive features. View the full Case Study by clicking the link below:

Elevate Umbrella Limited

Starting an umbrella payroll business from scratch can be a daunting prospect, but the management team behind Elevate Umbrella Limited had the experience to go to market with a very clear strategy; competitive margins, added value and exceptional customer care were three of the primary drivers behind the launch of the company in early 2019. As befitting their clarity and vision, the team “shopped around” for a suitably contemporary software product to run their payroll function before choosing Solutio.

Payday Payroll Limited

Solutio’s innate ability to cater for all compliant payroll models has enabled Firat Naci to broaden the range of services offered by Payday Payroll Limited. Originally formed as a PAYE payroll bureau to help clients of his families accountancy firm, Payday Payroll now provides an umbrella service having implemented Solutio in April 2020. The systems’ functionality ensures that the platform automatically manages the process of paying umbrella workers with minimum administration or manual input. The company is now expanding rapidly as a consequence with the whole operation powered by Solutio.