QX – Global Business Process Outsourcing Company

Solutio is delighted to be a commercial partner of QX which is a worldwide accounting and business processing outsourcing company with extensive activities in the recruitment sector. Headquartered in Yorkshire, UK, QX also has premises in New York and four subsidiary offices in India. Both organisations share a commitment to providing clients with innovative payroll and back-office services to help them improve business processes and profitability. The relationship between Solutio and QX extends to co-branded marketing campaigns, shared exposure at events and collaborative PR initiatives.

ZOHO – Solutio’s Preferred CRM Partner

Solutio is an authorized partner and official reseller of Zoho which is one of the world’s leading CRM systems. The two platforms integrate perfectly with each other and combine to form a comprehensive data management and payroll solution ideally suited to the demands of recruitment- based businesses.

3CX – Global Business Telephony Solutions

Solutio is an official trading partner with 3CX which is an open-platform VoIP phone system that provides a comprehensive business telephony facility. Simple, affordable and flexible, 3CX eliminates the cost and management headaches of outdated, traditional phone systems or the limitations of shared cloud PBX (Private Branch Exchange) networks.