Company Credentials

Ownership & Structure

Founded by Julian Pilling and David Bell, Solutio (UK) Limited was incorporated in 2014 and is wholly owned by Solutio Limited.
Solutio Limited is an independent business domiciled in Hong Kong.

Solutio (UK) Limited

Registration Number
0902 9249

Registered Address
5 Chancery Lane, Holborn,
London EC4A 1BL.

Solutio (UK) Limited is wholly owned by Solutio Limited.

Executive Summary

The Solutio management team shares an ambition to become the payroll software platform of choice of the UK recruitment industry within three years. We have a high-profile client base including many of the most recognisable brands in the recruitment and payroll arenas.

The team has unparalleled experience within their respective disciplines — be it software development, new business, marketing or operations; most are instantly recognisable figures in the recruitment space.

We know exactly what we are doing and why we are doing it.

Solutio will revolutionise the process by which the recruitment supply chain connects and communicates with contingent workers; the commercial benefits to all parties are seismic.

Compliance Credentials

Solutio joined APSCo in 2019 having fulfilled the requisite application & compliance criteria including recommendations & testimonials.

Solutio is a Business Partner of the FCSA which is one of the leading trade bodies in the UK recruitment industry.

Solutio is a featured supplier of Professional Passport which is the leading compliance standard in the recruitment and payroll sectors.

Solutio is a Corporate Member of the SIA as the two entities share a desire to provide innovative software solutions into the recruitment arena.