May 27, 2020

The Benefits of Cloud-based Software Applications – An In-depth Interview with David Bell – Solutio Co-founder & CEO (Asia).

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Cloud & App-based Payroll Software is Now a Prerequisite…

With the vast majority of the nation fully acclimatised to working from home following over two months of ‘lockdown’, attempts to encourage everyone to return to work have met with a distinctly muted response in many quarters. Many enlightened businesses who empowered their staff to work remotely have realised that instant connectivity, remote access and data sharing technology platforms have not only improved staff performance, but also instigated a sharp review of office overheads, commuting costs and workforce wellbeing.

Conversely, those organisations still dependent upon localised systems devoid of flexibility and indeed mobility, are no doubt reflecting upon the folly of not investing in more advanced IT infrastructures. It is with a sense of high irony that it has taken a global pandemic to truly highlight the benefits of cloud and app-based applications, especially with the temporary labour space where real-time communication is paramount.

In the following two extended videos’, Solutio’s Co-founder & CEO (Asia) articulates the history and growth of cloud computing and the inherent commercial advantages that are now nothing less than a pre-requisite. Predictions of an economic meltdown and seismic shifts in employment patterns, dictate that any business involved in the supply of temporary labour, cannot afford to rely on antiquated and legacy systems which restrict any form of real-time transactions, processing or communication.

A self-confessed tech evangelist, David’s insights provide compelling viewing for anyone with an interest in the advancement of technology and how it can enhance business growth.

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