Posted: September 13, 2018
Category: Employment Legislation & Regulations

Although the temporary worker supply chain hasn’t yet witnessed agency director prosecutions under the Criminal Finance Act (CFA), we’ll all be surprised if HMRC and the CPS do not launch investigations with a view to prosecution. Remember, they both make their decisions independent of police and government.

Project Fear for recruitment payroll and billing agencies? Possibly, but one that isn’t worth risking, and after all, who wants to be the CPS’s CFA guinea pig.

Recognising a new legislative challenge is “easy”. Doing something meaningful about is quite another.

Arguably the biggest challenge to the corporate entity when addressing these type of emerging legislative threats is in terms of taking decisions quickly, even when there are “quick wins” to be harvested.

Solutio is a payroll technology led company specialising in making companies be better prepared for compliance. Our team will normally overcome CFA decision-making inertia by providing clients with a series of small “bit sized” and “passive” choices that will enable them to get to grips with these issues “between board meetings” (i.e. quickly), by:

  • Taking a “key hole” approach
  • Establishing where the largest risks reside and their scale
  • Providing options for reducing or eradicating these, quickly

Our objectives being:

  • To be discrete & non-invasive in terms of your operations
  • Get you to a position that you are not harbouring either known and/or unknown CFA liabilities
  • Present strategic choices for addressing costs and inefficiencies in your operations (to help you radically improve your return on investment)

Solutio enables its clients to design and implement pragmatic and fast “workarounds”, whilst taking the time to evaluate more strategic investments in process and technology, with the twin goals of ensuring greater compliance whilst improving profitability.

You’ll be surprised what can be achieved.