Posted: January 31, 2019
Category: Supply Chain Management

It is a well-known fact that owning a company, even with its benefits and rewards, also entails a great many difficulties and challenges, one of which, along with the challenges of payrolls and managing budgets, is the recruitment of staff.

This challenge is a vital aspect of any company, opening the gates to new members of staff who have the potential to make your team thrive or who may otherwise present speed bumps to the flow of work.

This can affect the productivity and efficiency of your company, so it is important to be aware of such recruitment challenges as well as how to overcome them.

To help you know what to look out for, we have provided some of the most common recruiting challenges and their potential solutions to help overcome these what your business may be facing.

Common Recruitment Challenges for Businesses

No two businesses are the same and all will face slightly different challenges when it comes to recruitment and more broadly, the general running of the businesses. However, with recruitment for many businesses, there are some fairly common challenges that more than a few:

  • Attracting the right candidates – It can happen that your job advertisement attracts a pool saturated in unqualified potentials, making employers more inclined to pick the ‘best out of a bad bunch’ even though they may not match up to the level of skill your work force requires. This can cause subsequent disruption in productivity and may result in bad office morale as the rest of your staff pick up the slack given by your new employee
  • Need for hiring speed – As vacant positions in the company can cost you money and time, the longer the position is vacant for, the greater the detriment to the company’s overall productivity; another common challenge employers can face is the pressure to hire as fast as possible. This can result in rash and underdeveloped judgement calls when it comes to employing candidates and may result in further bad morale around the office. This is done not only through underqualified employees increasing the workload for the rest of the workforce, but also through putting pressure on the hiring team, frustrating them
  • Onboarding – Onboarding of staff is time-consuming and laborious, with many difficulties. One of the challenges is the clarity of the role given to new employees; simply giving them a long list of the tasks that are involved in their job description, whilst direct and necessary, does not adequately prepare new staff for the realities of their job, creating a slow flow of work to the initial period of new employment

What are the Solutions?

One of the best ways to overcome the drowning in underqualified candidate applications would be to properly scrutinise your job advertisement, filtering out the unnecessary applications and increasing the yield of qualified ones.

This can be done through features such as enhancing the clarity of the job description on the advertisement, including direct ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions about the skills each applicant has and providing an easier and faster screening process.

A tactic to make the hiring process as quick and efficient as possible without adding pressure to the recruitment team, is the careful reflection on your hiring process. Ask yourself, are all the hiring stages necessary, or can some formalities be removed for a more direct and efficient approach to hiring?

Streamlining the hiring process could not only improve the speed in which vacant positions are filled, but also reduces the pressure put on the recruitment team of your company, making staff feel less pressured.

Improving the Onboarding Process

One way to make the onboarding process run as smoothly as possible is be to set out a clear, time conscious integration plan to the process rather than overloading new employees with all the information and job descriptions required of them on their first day.

Although this may still not take care of the time-consuming elements associated with onboarding, Solutio can. One of our six core features is the ability to structure both the on- and offboarding of workers. Through our payroll software technology, companies could save time and energy focusing on battling the other challenges recruitment brings.

With a raised awareness to the common challenges and solutions within the recruitment process, in addition to the inclusion of such business-tailored software as Solutio, you can both reduce the time spent and increase the ease into the integration of new employment.