Posted: January 31, 2019
Category: Supply Chain Management

It is true that good staff management is an art; It is vital for all businesses employing even just a single employee, if you want to run a productive business and keep your staff happy in the workplace. One of the best ways to improve staff management, is to have payroll software that works efficiently and for your business in place.

This comes naturally to some, whereas others may find it all overwhelming, but it is be an art which can be mastered. It is more commonly a skill which is learned over a number of years in a professional position.

No one’s style of staff management is the ‘correct’ way. However, there are a number of challenges faced which apply to most businesses and their staff management. Whilst it is impossible to become the perfect manager or boss, undertaking widely used and accepted business management practices is likely to help you increase productivity and organisation in the workplace.

Miscommunication with Employees

Miscommunication is perhaps one of the greatest sins in staff management. It can lead to grave errors, where no one is really to blame apart from the communication itself.

You need to make sure that you are always providing clear direction; setting achievable goals and ensuring that your staff understand what they are doing at all times. They also need to know why they are doing it and to what end, i.e. what their overall goals are for the business.

Provide your staff with the time to actively listen to what they have to say. They are likely to have some interesting ideas which they may well need your support with. Having an ‘open-door’ policy, will encourage staff to feel valued and confident with any questions or queries they have. This way, both you and your staff will be empowered and mutually valued.

Give feedback to your team on a regular basis. If you simply wait for review meetings to highlight any problems, it only drags out the problem and can exacerbate things further.

Staff Motivation is Important

Motivating your staff is always important, so try and recognise when employees achieve things and reward them accordingly. Do not just limit this to your sales staff, which is a common mistake in all nature of businesses. It is incredibly common for the only team or department to be motivated by commissions and bonuses to be employees making sales, but why not motivate others in the same, proven way?

You could consider having incentive programmes and staff reward schemes in place. For these to work, you must first understand what it is that motivates your staff in the first place. Contrary to popular belief, it is not always money.  Simple recognition is also just as an important as any kind of material reward.

Staffing Payroll

To manage your staff, you should have a good payroll system in place to avoid confusion and human error.

The payroll is the process of paying all of your staff members and employees on a regular basis. It also works to withhold all of their employment related taxes, such as national insurance, student debt and income tax. Furthermore, having effective and efficient payroll software in place for your business, will allow you to manage your businesses workflow far better.

Payroll solutions that work well, also help you manage any freelance or contract workers you may use from time to time. Ultimately, excellent payroll solutions and technology will help you to drive your business forward. It can do this by:

  • Working out how much the company owes employees each month
  • Determining how much each person owes in UK taxes
  • Successfully delivering payslips
  • Helping manage both income and the business’ outgoings and expenses
  • Assisting you to properly and efficiently manage your worker supply chain
  • Ensure everything your business does is compliant with UK Law and HMRC
  • Making the onboarding process (of workers) more effective and efficient

A payroll system also deals with company records of salaries, wages, tax deductions and bonuses. These clever systems, like Solutio’s technology, save you having to go through a range of processes in the old, dated and manual way.

Staff Inconsistency

Things like frequently changes practices, erratic responses or treating some members of staff differently to others is always to be avoided. These types of practices will result in your staff members having little trust or faith in you. Therefore, consistency is key and if something is going to change, you should clearly communicate this to your staff members.