May 11, 2020

Lesters Umbrella Selected Solutio’s Cloud & App-based Software to Support their Payroll Compliance Strategy.

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Solutio’s Payroll Software is Integral to Lesters’ Growth Strategy

Perhaps the oldest contractor payroll business in the UK, Lesters was originally formed in 1979 providing accountancy services to the SME and contracting sectors. The company evolved in parallel with the expanding self-employed market and introduced an umbrella payroll solution in 1984. This extraordinary provenance is a testament to the vision and flexibility of the management team giving the business a rarefied place in a notoriously fickle industry.

Lesters’ longevity is in no small part due to an inherently modern attitude towards technology and the benefits it can add to any payroll provider. Specialising in the IT sector (plus, engineering, construction, medical and education among others), embracing and utilising cutting-edge tech is a company prerequisite rather than a luxury. In the words of Managing Director, Spencer Kendrick:

“All of our contractors expect us to have an intuitive app these days. For them it is nothing new and we recognise that having an app provides a vastly improved contractor experience and a single point of access. We also understand the benefits of cloud and API-based software which was brought into sharp focus at the start of the COVID-19 outbreak.”

Solutio’s Cloud-based Architecture Proved to be of Critical Advantage During a Crisis.

Cloud-computing is nothing particularly new, but many companies have been slow to recognise the advantages of introducing a scalable system unencumbered by localised factors including hardware failure, security threats, power outages, user errors and, of course, unforeseen disasters such as the current pandemic. This is particularly the case in the payroll world where seamless communication between all entities engaged in the supply of contingent labour, has never been more paramount!

Taking all these factors into account, it is somewhat prophetic that Lesters decided to implement Solutio’s umbrella payroll software in the early Spring and they are benefiting from the platform’s flexibility. The decision forms part of a broader plan to actively grow the business on the back of a pre-defined strategy to provide a slick, low-cost and efficient service to agencies and contractors, both of whom crave simplicity and transparency.

The first phase of implementation concentrated on the timesheet, billing and payroll components of Solutio which are all now fully functional elements of Lesters’ service provision. The second and current phase is focusing on the onboarding and accounting functions utilising the Solutio app and API integration with Xero, one of Lesters’ preferred third-party finance platform.

Solutio’s architecture has been deliberately built to enable compatibility with other leading SaaS brands with a view to offering umbrella companies a complementary suite of automated tools that work in harmony. Combining Solutio’s ‘gross to net’ capabilities with other CRM platforms and accounting packages, only serves to minimise administration, streamline processes, synchronise data and ensure transaction accuracy across the business.

As something of a tech evangelist, Commercial Director, Ryan Smith, clearly recognises all of these advantages and how they will assist Lesters as they embark on the next chapter of their phenomenal history. After discussing the various merit’s (or otherwise) of our competitors, Ryan summed up his vision for Lesters and how Solutio is integral to the growth of the brand:

“We know the umbrella market inside out and understand the importance of a solid platform. We looked at all the products & services available in the SaaS market and chose Solutio because we want to futureproof our business. We knew that our clients and contractors would really benefit from the new system. We just want to deliver a fast, efficient payroll engine that is fit for purpose in the modern age, ticking all of the boxes for compliance requirements along the way for all those involved in the supply chain.”

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