June 18, 2020

New Solutio Software Release includes a Raft of Exciting New Features, plus Upgrades & Refinements to Existing Functionality.

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Solutio is the Most Comprehensive Payroll Product on the Market

Solutio has experienced considerable interest in its cloud and app-based payroll software throughout the three-month lockdown caused by COVID-19. A raft of new features and an increasing awareness of the benefits of cloud technology, has resulted in numerous new clients, plus a host of exciting collaborations with an array of globally renowned service providers.

The stark realisation that accessing data from home and servicing contractors via fully functioning apps and online portals are commercial necessities, has been the catalyst for this surge in interest. Solutio’s worker app remains the most advanced on the market and is successfully helping hundreds of contractors manage their assignments, data and payments on the move.

All existing clients are now benefiting from an updated release of the software which includes a host of new features and functional refinements including:

NEW Pay Comparator Calculator

  • Automated gross-to-net pay illustration tool
  • Compares PAYE, Umbrella & CIS pay calculations
  • Features configurable deductions & expenses fields
  • Also includes pension options & student loans

NEW Sole Trader Payroll Engine

  • Dedicated functionality for sole trader workers
  • Bespoke data fields including gross margin
  • Configurable retention fee as a percentage of gross
  • Includes drivers’ negligence insurance capability

NEW Service Fee Structure

  • Configure bespoke & default service fees at all levels
  • Settings automatically added to all relevant documents
  • Capability for multiple tiered margins
  • Ability to edit all Service Fee data in a single instance

UPGRADED Cash Matching Optimization

  • Advanced ability to match funds, invoices & bank rec
  • Import bank files in a variety of formats
  • Refined screen design enhances user experience
  • Faster processing power improves performance

UPGRADED Independent Self-bill Functionality

  • Flexible data entry, import & editing options
  • Includes timesheets, expenses & calculations
  • Create worker profiles, assignments & contracts
  • Edit data from a single operating screen

Additional system upgrades are scheduled for both July and August which include even more functions to further automate and customise the payroll process.

For more information or to request an interactive online demo, please contact Sophie Law (Business Development Manager) on 07789 488 081 or via enquiries@solutio.com.