Solutio Academy

The Solutio Academy is an online training resource designed to assist users of Solutio maximise the benefits of the software’s capabilities. The Academy learning platform features courses relating to the primary functions of Solutio including an initial Getting Started module, Onboarding, Admin & Reporting, Billing & Timekeeping, Payroll and Customer Care. Each course comprises a vast library of videos and PDFs to help users learn the system at their leisure.

Powered by Solutio

Powered by Solutio is effectively a summary of the commercial benefits our clients experience having implemented our software. Quite apart from improved performance, enhanced accuracy and significant time savings, these also include demonstrable compliance credentials, increased business opportunities and mutually beneficial brand exposure. The Powered by Solutio concept also features within a raft of genuine Case Studies from existing clients which can be viewed here.

Solutio YouTube Channel

In addition to the selected videos featured on this site, Solutio has its own You Tube channel comprising a vast resource of visual content representing all facets of the company. These include media interviews, animated infographics and an extensive library of helpful training guides created as part of the Solutio Academy which can be visited via

Corporate Brochure

Published in September 2020, the twenty-two-page corporate brochure provides a general overview of both the company structure and Solutio’s payroll software platform. Focusing on the ten unique benefits to umbrella companies, recruitment agencies, PEO’s and contingent workers, the brochure provides the perfect introduction to Solutio.

Compliance Credentials

As befitting any business supplying software product and services into the UK recruitment sector, Solutio is committed to all facets of compliance as demonstrated by our memberships and partnerships with various renowned industry organisations. We are delighted to be an Affiliate Member of APSCo, an FCSA Business Partner and a Member of the SIA; we also adhere to the compliance philosophy of the Professional Passport audit standard.

Fact-finding Process Questionnaire

By completing this six-page PDF, potential clients provide Solutio with an overview of both their organisation and their current IT infrastructure. This confidential information enables the Solutio team to gain a sense of your business operation and provides the basis for further discussions. Once this information has been assimilated, we recommend scheduling an online demo which enables you to participate in an interactive video session which highlights the commercial benefits of deploying Solutio.

Online Demo

The interactive online demo provides a detailed overview of Solutio via a video conference call where all participants can view and discuss the software in real time. The demo features functioning elements of Solutio’s capability using screen sharing technology which enables participants to contribute to the discussion by asking questions pertinent to their business. Typically, the online demos are last an hour and are led by either David Bell or Chris Cotton whose technical knowledge of Solutio is absolute.

Tech Stack Specifications

A tech stack is a crucial element of any web-based application and highlights the combination of programming languages and software elements that comprise an application. Solutio has been developed over the past five years using cutting-edge cloud- based and app-based technology as illustrated by the Tech Stack Specifications PDF. If any further information regarding Solutio’s technical components or structure, we will be delighted to arrange a dialogue with our development team.

Company Videos

Solutio has produced short company videos to demonstrate the platform’s functionality albeit from a deliberately generic perspective. We are in the process of developing a library of videos focusing on the various features and modules within the Solutio platform and these will be added here in due course.