Finance Teams

The very nature of the increasingly complex contingent worker supply chain dictates that vast sums of money are constantly flowing from one entity to another so it is vital that businesses can trust the accuracy of all these transactions. The monies are also subject to a myriad of tax calculations, statutory deductions and voluntary contributions before a worker actually receives their gross pay.

Strengthened employment legislation and increased scrutiny from HMRC have placed considerable emphasis on recruitment businesses to provide transparent, accurate and compliant accounts. This might sound obvious but falling foul of compliance guidelines risks a business receiving heavy fines and suffering considerable reputational damage.

Solutio’s pay and bill functionality includes numerous unique features designed to cater for the variances of the contemporary contingent workforce which combine to produce accurate calculations, detailed reports and real-time submissions to HMRC. These include the most comprehensive statutory deduction module in the industry and multi-pension provider facility, plus a traffic-light timesheet and expenses module shared across the supply chain.

Benefits of Solutio to Finance Teams

Transaction Accuracy

  • Multi-agency & Assignments
  • Daily & Hourly Rates
  • Real-time Transactions
  • Automated Bank Reconciliations

Statutory Features

  • Self-billing Functionality
  • Advanced Deductions Fields
  • Unique Multi-pension Facility
  • Configurable Invoices

Preserves Compliance

  • Accepts All Payroll Models
  • Timeline Tracker
  • Real-time Calculations
  • API Link to HMRC

Solutio Analytics

  • OLAP Cube 3D Technology
  • Enterprise Dashboards
  • Create, Share & Edit Data
  • Supply Chain Sharing

Finance professionals interested in finding out more about how Solutio can enhance their operations whilst saving their organisation time and money are invited to contact Sophie Law via or 07789 488 081 for an initial discussion or to arrange an online demo.