Pay & Bill Software For Finance Teams

Equip your finance team with the tools they need to deliver accurate calculations and lightning-fast transactions.

Streamline the payroll process for your finance team

Provide transparent, accurate, and compliant accounts to your clients.

Avoid the risk of running into heavy fines by integrating Solutio into your business. With a number of unique features, Solutio is designed to help your finance team produce accurate calculations, detailed reports, and real-time submissions to HMRC.

With Solutio helping your finance team you won’t have to worry about forgetting tax calculations, statutory deductions, and voluntary contributions – it’s all done for you.

Benefits of solutio to a business owner

Infographic - Transaction Accuracy

Transaction Accuracy

Avoid mistakes and streamline your transactions.

  • Multi-agency & Assignments
  • Daily & Hourly Rates
  • Real-time Transactions
  • Automated Bank Reconciliations
Infographic - Statutory Features

High-quality Statutory Features

Make things easier for your company’s financing team.

  • Self-billing Functionality
  • Advanced Deductions Fields
  • Unique Multi-pension Facility
  • Configurable Invoices
Infographic - Preserves Compliance

Proven Compliance

Show how committed you are to compliance with Solutio.

  • Accepts All Payroll Models
  • Timeline Tracker
  • Real-time Calculations
  • API Link to HMRC
Infographic - Financial Updates

Detailed Analytics

Get access to detailed company insights and analytics with:

  • OLAP Cube 3D Technology
  • Enterprise Dashboards
  • Create, Share & Edit Data
  • Supply Chain Sharing