IT Managers

Responsibility for all facets of implementing and managing a recruitment companies’ software and back office infrastructure is that of the IT director (or manager) who are, invariably, under constant pressure to deploy proven systems that ensure the business runs efficiently. This is an unenviable task given the rapid evolution of tech allied to the relentless desire of company stakeholders to streamline processes and save costs; thankfully, Solutio has been developed to provide a tangible solution to both commercial requirements.

Significantly, Solutio is a cloud and app-based technology platform which IT professionals will recognise as providing significant advantages when compared to ‘local’ networks reliant on antiquated hardware and the reliability (or otherwise) of a business’s internet provision. Developed over five years by proven (and hardened) software engineers, Solutio helps IT teams develop and implement long-term strategies that are flexible, scalable and affordable.

When presenting Solutio to potential clients, we actively encourage that IT teams are engaged in the process from the outset. Even though the Solutio team is committed to a non-jargonistic approach when presenting the capabilities of the system, experience proves that contributions from tech specialists have proved invaluable to articulate the wide-ranging benefits of Solutio to both recruitment companies and other sectors.

Benefits of Solutio to IT Teams

Cloud-based Tech

  • Synchronised Online Portals
  • Cutting-edge Worker Apps
  • Scalable Operational Capability
  • Automatic Software Updates

Budgeting & Costs

  • Reduced Software Costs
  • Less Hardware Investment
  • No Server or Upgrade Fees
  • Reduction in IT Staff Fees

Security & Privacy

  • Complies to SSAE-18* SOC 2
  • Compliant with GDR 2018
  • Total SSL (128 Bit) Encryption
  • Enhanced Authentication Layers

Commercial Efficiency

  • Independent Operating System
  • API & Webhook Integration
  • Supply Chain Transparency
  • Improves Staff Performance

Those working within the IT departments of any relevant organisation be they recruitment based or otherwise, are encouraged to arrange an initial conversation with Solutio’s tech team by contacting Sophie Law via or 07789 488 081. Sophie will be delighted to forge an introduction with Chris Cotton, Solutio’s Implementation Analyst, to discuss Solutio’s tech capabilities in more detail.