Payroll Software for Recruitment, Umbrella & Business Managers

Delivering the tools managers need to deliver efficient payroll services to their contingent workers.

Payroll processing software for recruitment managers

Advance your payroll process by using Solutio. Solutio is designed to help managers empower their teams, monitor performance, attract new clients, and provide accurate business analytics.

Solutio synchronises data and information across the entire recruitment supply chain, making it easy to improve communication, minimise mistakes, avoid misunderstandings, and reduce manual tasks.

How Solutio Helps Recruitment Company Managers

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Improve Your Commercial Performance

With Solutio supporting you, you can improve your commercial performance by:

  • Reducing Hardware Costs
  • Lowering Staff Overhead
  • Automating Your Processes
  • Increasing Revenue Streams
Infographic - Empowering Staff

Empower Your Staff

Make things easier for employees across the board thanks to Solutio’s:

  • Independent Operating System
  • Real-time Web Portals
  • Defined Access Levels
  • Single Point of Data entry
Infographic - Commercial Relationships

Attract New Clients

Enhance your client experience and improve your brand reputation with:

  • Enhanced Client Experience
  • Improved Brand Reputation
  • Increased Referrals
  • Positive Case Studies
Infographic - Commercial Efficiency

Improve Business Intelligence

Get access to detailed company insights and business intelligence tools like:

  • Solutio Analytics Suite
  • Forensic Data Reporting
  • Real-time Information
  • Customised 3D Dashboards