Onboarding & Payroll Teams

Within any recruitment company, the journey between onboarding and actually paying the worker represents the very essence of the organisations remit. A smooth and comprehensive registration process defines the efficiency of the subsequent journey through to payroll. If information is entered into the system correctly from the outset, all those involved in the process can be confident that they are managing accurate and compliant data.

The Solutio software platform enables a self-serve philosophy whereby workers are encouraged to input their own information either via the app or web-based portal. This information includes personal details, assignment documents, timesheets, expenses and worker availability. With all information shared across the supply chain, onboarding and payroll teams can trust the data and perform their roles unencumbered by errors or miscommunication.

Solutio updates all information in real-time and has an array of advanced features that ensure all calculations and transactions are accurate. These features save those involved in the payment of contingent workers considerable time and minimises the administrative burden.

Benefits of Solutio to Onboarding & Payroll

Instant Onboarding

  • Self-serve via Mobile app
  • Synchronised Web Portals
  • Document Sharing
  • Supply Chain Visibility

Data Integrity

  • Single Point of Entry
  • Minimal Manual Processing
  • Updated in Real-time
  • Detailed Search Facility

Compliance Credentials

  • APSCo Affiliate Member
  • Full Auditing Capability
  • GDPR Compliant
  • Solutio Analytics

Payroll Capability

  • Lightning-fast Payroll Runs
  • API Link to HMRC
  • Advanced Statutory Features
  • Reverse Payroll Functionality

Solutio transforms the performance of onboarding and payroll teams and we encourage those active in these roles to arrange an interactive demo to view the capabilities of the system. In the first instance, please contact Sophie Law via enquiries@solutio.com or 07789 488 081.