Software For Onboarding & Payroll Teams

Improve the efficiency of your recruitment agency’s onboarding and payroll team by using Solutio: a cloud-based software that accelerates every aspect of the payroll process.

Streamline your onboarding and payroll team’s processes

The journey between onboarding and a new employee’s first paycheck can be incredibly complex. Make the payroll onboarding process quicker, easier, and more efficient, with Solutio’s affordable cloud-based payroll software.

By encouraging workers to input their own information on the Solutio worker app or web portal, you can cut down the time your staff have to spend inputting repetitive data.

Solutio’s payroll software can securely collect data like personal details, assignment documents, timesheets, expenses, and worker availability.

With all up-to-date information ready and accessible to all relevant team members, you can significantly reduce errors and miscommunication, as well processing times.

How Solutio Helps Your Onboarding & Payroll Team

Infographic - Instant Onboarding

Instant Onboarding

Make the entire onboarding process easy for your payroll team with Solutio.

  • Self-serve via the Mobile app
  • Synchronised Web Portals
  • Document Sharing
  • Supply Chain Visibility
Infographic - Data Integrity

Data Integrity

Get all your documents in one place when you need them.

  • Single Point of Entry
  • Minimal Manual Processing
  • Updated in Real-time
  • Detailed Search Facility
Infographic - Preserves Compliance

Proven Compliance

Show how committed you are to compliance with Solutio.

  • APSCo Affiliate Member
  • Full Auditing Capability
  • GDPR Compliant
  • Solutio Analytics
Infographic - woman checking a payroll system

High-Speed Payroll Capability

One-click payroll processing keeps things fast and transparent for your clients.

  • Lightning-fast Payroll Runs
  • API Link to HMRC
  • Advanced Statutory Features
  • Reverse Payroll Functionality