Owners & Directors

Solutio provides owners and C-level employees of recruitment companies with an array of commercial benefits that enhances all aspects of their business. Whether running an agency, umbrella company or professional employment organisation (PEO), deploying Solutio at the heart of a business improves operational efficiency, empowers staff performance, preserves compliance and, ultimately, positively impacts on profitability.

Clients also benefit from Solutio’s ability to synchronise data and information up and down the supply chain resulting in a harmonious customer experience free of unnecessary administrative and manual tasks. Crystal clear communication serves to strengthen stakeholder relationships and contribute to an inspiring work culture that will inevitably improve staff retention, client satisfaction and brand reputation.

Investing in Solutio also demonstrates both visionary leadership and an appreciation of how technology can improve the working lives of all those engaged with the company. Equipping staff, clients and partners with the resources to perform is one of the most important duties of a business owner; deploying Solutio’s payroll software platform duly achieves this fundamental strategic responsibility.

Benefits of Solutio to a Business Owner

Operational Efficiency

  • Minimises Manual Administration
  • Improved Data Accuracy
  • Fast Data Processing
  • Transparent Communication

Staff Empowerment

  • Independent Operating System
  • Synchronised Supply Chain
  • Real-time Data Visibility
  • Powerful Search Capability

Preserves Compliance

  • Self-serve App & Portals
  • Timeline Activity Tracker
  • Forensic Reporting Tools
  • API Link to HMRC

Improves Profitability

  • Reduced Payroll Headcount
  • Lower Staff Overhead
  • Fixed Fee Structures
  • Improved Performance

If you are a business owner or senior Director and want more information about how Solutio can dramatically improve your organisation, please contact Sophie Law