Payroll Management for Business Owners & Directors

Helping recruitment business owners and directors improve commercial performance and maintain compliance responsibilities.

Improve staff retention, client satisfaction, and brand reputation with Solutio

If you’re running an agency, an umbrella company, or even a recruitment organisation, using Solutio to improve your payroll processing helps you empower your staff, improve performance, preserve compliance, and positively impact profitability.

Solutio is a cloud and app-based payroll software that strengthens stakeholder relationships and allows you to communicate clearly with your staff. Solutio has the ability to synchronise data and information up and down the supply chain allowing you to get rid of any unnecessary administrative and manual tasks.

How Solutio Helps Company Owners & Directors

Infographic - Commercial Efficiency

Improve Operational Efficiency

Solutio makes your operations more efficient by:

  • Minimising Manual Administration
  • Improving Data Accuracy
  • Speeding Up Data Processing
  • Enabling Transparent Communication
Infographic - Empowering Staff

Empower Your Staff

Enable your staff with instant access to the data they need.

  • Independent Operating System
  • Synchronised Supply Chain
  • Real-time Data Visibility
  • Powerful Search Capability
Infographic - Preserves Compliance

Preserves Compliance

Show that your company’s compliant thanks to Solutio’s:

  • Self-serve App & Portals
  • Timeline Activity Tracker
  • Forensic Reporting Tools
  • API Link to HMRC
Infographic - Improves Profitability

Improves Profitability

Start improving your company’s profits and bottom line with:

  • Reduced Payroll Headcount
  • Lower Staff Overhead
  • Fixed Fee Structures
  • Improved Performance