Communication & Payroll Solutions For Recruitment Consultants

Build and maintain long-term commercial relationships with candidates to prove reliability and build trust – instant communication, transparent data, and instant payment information.

Attract new clients, increase worker numbers, and maximise revenue streams with Solutio

Solutio has been developed to provide recruitment consultants with the tools they need to show their clients that they can provide them with state of the art recruitment and payroll services.

The Solutio mobile app helps consultants connect with their workers and seamlessly share information, financial updates, and other documentation in real-time.

Solutio gives you the significant commercial advantage you’re looking for and the opportunity to maximise placements and commissions.

How Solutio Helps Recruitment Consultants

Infographic - Information sharing

Information Sharing Technology

Stay connected with your workers by using Solutio’s information-sharing technology.

  • Self-serve Onboarding
  • Document Signing & Storage
  • Shared Assignment Details
  • Availability to Work Updates
Infographic - Constant Communication

Constant Communication Abilities

Be ready for any and all communication between you and your clients.

  • App-based Notifications
  • Text Alerts & Email
  • Supply Chain Visibility
  • Timeline Tracker
Infographic - Financial Updates

Detailed Financial Updates

Stay on top of all the financials with detailed finance tools.

  • Self-serve Timesheets
  • Traffic Light Approval System
  • Compliant Payslips
  • Payment Notifications
Infographic - Career Progression

Career Development

Start growing your recruitment consultancy business with solutio.

  • Enhanced Client Experience
  • Closer Candidate Relationships
  • Encourages Referrals
  • Increased Commission