Accountants Payroll Software

Solutio Overview

Many traditionally structured accountancy firms are considering incorporating payroll functionality into their service offerings particularly in light of impending IR35 reform to the private sector due to be introduced in April 2020. Accountants have typically attracted clients from the private sector and the new legislation dictates that employers will have to determine their IR35 status before the beginning of the new tax year. Given that accountants manage the tax affairs of these clients, it is only logical that they are adding umbrella services to their portfolio.

Historically, accountants tend to have closer commercial relationships with their clients than umbrella companies who operate remotely and, in some instances, invisibly. To provide a comprehensive and client umbrella payroll service, accountancy firms will be required to adapt their procedures as they, potentially, will be responsible for defining the professional status of their contractor clients.

Enabling Solutio, will equip accountants with the fundamental processes, payroll capability and reporting mechanisms required to offer their clients a legitimate umbrella service. Fully compliant and feature rich, Solutio has been developed to empower accountants (and other industries) to deliver fully compliant payroll services irrespective of sector.


Immediate Umbrella Payroll Capability

Provides accountancy firms with the technical infrastructure required to provide legitimate umbrella payroll services to clients and their supply chain. All models catered for including Umbrella, PAYE, CIS (Construction Industry Scheme) and Limited Company.

Opportunity to Diversify

Incorporating automated umbrella payroll capability into an accountancy firm is a natural extension of core services that can prove commercially lucrative particularly given the continued growth of the contingent workforce and so-called ‘gig economy’.

Affordable Start-up Costs

Solutio can be quickly deployed within an accountancy firm at minimal cost and enables the company to begin offering payroll services without vast capital investment. Existing clients have suggested that one payroll professional can manage in excess of a thousand workers once they have been trained to use the Solutio platform.

State-of-the Art Technology Platform

Cloud-based accountancy portal and self-serve worker app enable instant onboarding (and offboarding), assignment, timesheet and expenses management, plus visibility of all supply chain data transactions and payments.

Lightning-fast Payroll Runs

Fast & transparent ‘one-click’ payroll processing irrespective of client volume or transaction complexity. Solutio automatically connects to HMRC in real-time via APIs to ensure compliance and transparency.

Connects to Existing Networks

Independent operating system fully compatible with third-party CRM and back – office software platforms integrated via APIs and webhooks. Runs payroll without logging out of other systems.

Total Fiscal Control

Comprehensive pay and bill capability provide total accuracy and forensic financial reporting tools including automated self-bill, remittances and bank reconciliation. Enhanced auditing capability to prove compliance.

Transparent Payslips

Itemised and compliant payslips illustrating gross & net pay, NLW, NMW, allowable expenses & all other statutory deductions. White label option available enables payslips to incorporate firms’ (or end-user clients) brand identity.

Forensic Business Insights

Cutting-edge & customisable 3D Solutio analytics dashboards utilising OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) drag and drop technology enables detailed data analysis, real- time business intelligence and invaluable company insights.

Security & Privacy

Highly secure coding and system architecture hosted on a UK-based Google payroll engine. Fully compliant with all facets of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) introduced in 2018 and SSAE-18* SOC 2 (System and Organisation Controls) ‘best in class’ software.
* SSAE-18 (Statement on Standards for Attestation Engagements – 2018)

To find out more about how Solutio can enable accountancy firms to diversify into the umbrella payroll arena, please do not hesitate to arrange an initial conversation with Sophie Law via or 07789 488 081. Sophie will also be delighted to organise an online demo to illustrate the power of the system and how it can transform accountants’ commercial proposition.