Contingent Workers Pay & Bill Software

Providing contingent workers with the perfect platform to manage their assignments, documents, and payments.

Enhancing Contractor Loyalty And Increasing Worker Referrals

If you’re looking for an app that can help you manage your payments and your assignments then Solutio can offer you a mobile app that can help you organise your personal details, work availability, contracts, insurance documents and tax-related documents like your P60s and National Insurance certificates.

The Solutio app allows you to send and receive timesheets, expenses claims and payslips to help you keep on track of everything in one place.

Solutio is great for helping you manage your documents, while also acting as a state-of-the-art communication device between you, recruitment agencies, clients, and umbrella companies.

How Solutio Can Help Contingent Workers

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Easy To Use Mobile-App

Manage your personal information, assignment documents, contracts, timesheets, payments, and payslips all from the comfort of your phone. Solutio makes it easy for workers to access all the information they need.

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Advanced Security Features

Keep all your documents secure thanks to the fingerprint, face, and touch recognition technology installed on the app. Solutio guarantees privacy and helps keep all your data protected even further with passwords and pin codes.

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Document Storage

Keep all your documents in one place for easy access. Solutio can help you store and organise documents like your P45s, P60s, National Insurance number, tax codes and any contracts and insurance policies.

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Timeline Tracker

Enhance your communication and get easy access to real-time push notifications, text messages and emails from recruitment agencies, clients, or umbrella payroll providers with Solutio.

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Self Onboarding

Get all the information about personal details and assignments in an instant with Solutio. Contracts can be signed and distributed instantly to help improve the onboarding process for you.

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Availability To Work

Highlight your availability, input holiday requests, and create sick notices from the palm of your hand. Solutio can also quickly calculate your holiday pay and statutory sick pay entitlements in an instant.

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Timesheet Management

Upload all your timesheets to the Solutio app whenever and wherever you like. Solutio has a built-in colour-coded system that will help you keep track of your timesheets so you know when they’ve been submitted, approved, or rejected. The perfect tool for accelerating your payroll process.

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Statutory Deductions & Voluntary Contributions

Manage all your statutory deductions including SMP, SPP, ShPP, SPL, SSP and any student loans or apprenticeship levy contributions you might have.

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Payslips & Financial Control

With Solutio you have complete financial control as the app is linked to your bank account. This gives you instant access to your payslips and payment confirmation.

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Professional Reputation

Show off your reliability, professional track record and credibility. You can improve your reputation, attract more contracts and earn more money with Solutio.

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