Contingent Workforce Payroll

Solutio Overview

Solutio empowers agency workers to manage their professional lives via a state-of-the art mobile app that is widely regarded as the ‘best in class’. The app enables the worker to self-serve a raft of information including personal details, work availability, assignment contracts, insurance documents and tax-related documents including P60’s and National Insurance certificates all securely stored.

The app also sends and receives timesheets, expenses claims and payslips with all activity and transactions documented on a real-time timeline tracker. It also serves as an indispensable communication devise between the worker, recruitment agency, end-user client and umbrella company as push notifications, texts and emails can be shared up and down the supply chain.

With the size of the contingent labour force approaching two-million and contributing an increasingly vital role to the UK economy, the Solutio app provides agencies and umbrella providers with an invaluable tool to maintain a mutually beneficial relationship with their workers. The Solutio app is proven to enhance contractor loyalty and increase worker referrals.


Industry-leading Mobile App

Worker mobile app to manage personal information, assignment documents, contracts, timesheets, payments, expenses and payslips. Contemporary design and functionality which is fully compatible with both Apple & Android devices. Workers can also view all information on their desktop web portal.

Advanced Security Features

Workers can access information within their mobile app using fingerprint, face or touch recognition technology which guarantees their privacy and protects their data. Workers also have the facility to set passwords and pin codes to add a further layer of security.

Document Storage Feature

Personal profile area stores useful information and documents including P45s and P60s, National Insurance number, tax codes and contact details. Also perfect for signing and saving assignment documents, contracts and insurance policies.

Timeline Tracker

Real-time list of push notifications, text alerts and emails from all those relevant to workers supply chain including recruitment consultant, end-user client and umbrella payroll provider. Enhances all aspects of communication, improves productivity and cements commercial relationships between all entities.

Self-serve Onboarding (Offboarding)

Workers can use the app (or the online desktop portal) to self-serve information in a single instance including personal details and assignment information. Contracts can also be signed and distributed throughout the supply chain to accelerate the onboarding and registration process.

Availability for Work

Users can use the app to highlight when they are available to work, holiday requests and periods of sick leave. The Solutio app also has the capability to calculate holiday pay and statutory sick pay entitlements based on the workers professional data stored in the system.

Timesheet Management

One of the most useful features of the Solutio mobile app is that it enables workers to upload their own timesheets whilst on the move. A colour-coded ‘traffic light’ system then monitors the status of the timesheet be it submitted, approved or rejected. Visible to the workers supply chain contacts, timesheets can be instantly sanctioned (or otherwise) vastly accelerating the payroll process.

Statutory Deductions & Voluntary Contributions

Solutio enables management of all statutory deductions including SMP, SPP, ShPP, SPL and SSP, plus any student loans or apprenticeship levy contributions. Workers can also utilise the multi-pension provider facility and actively manage their holiday pay contributions.

Payslips & Financial Control

Workers receive transparent and fully compliant payslips and payment confirmations in real-time to help them manage their earnings. The app is linked to the workers bank account(s) giving them total financial control and peace of mind.

Professional Reputation

Solutio demonstrates a worker’s reliability, professional track record and personal credibility thus improving their reputation, attracting more contracts and earning more money.

To find out more about how the Solutio mobile app can strengthen your contractor relationships, please do not hesitate to contact Sophie Law via or 07789 488 081 to arrange an initial discussion or an online demo.