End-user Clients Pay & Bill

Solutio Overview

Despite the continued growth of the contract labour market, the actual employers are often overlooked by the recruitment supply chain once a worker has accepted a placement. The commercial priorities tend to shift in favour of the agency and umbrella company, both of whom are fixated by getting paid, ultimately of course, by the employer.

This is perhaps understandable given the traditional structure of the contingent worker supply chain, but employers are frequently excluded from the intricacies of the process as there are no mechanisms to provide detailed information regarding any given assignment; until now.

Solutio’s payroll software platform positions employers at the heart of the supply chain and provides access to all salient information with regards to onboarding, worker availability, timesheets and payments. With all data accessible via online web portals and the worker app, employers can view, edit and approve all information and transactions flowing between the supply chain which provides an array of intrinsic benefits:


Inclusive Communication Interface

Solutio provides employers with access to all data to ensure they are aware of all facets of the placement process from the outset. Synchronised online web portals enable employers to monitor worker activity, assignment information and financial transactions between all supply chain entities.

Self-serve Worker Onboarding (Offboarding)

Employers’ contractors can use the app (or the online desktop portal) to self-serve information in a single instance including personal details and assignment information. Contracts can also be signed and distributed throughout the supply chain to accelerate the onboarding and registration process.

Availability for Work

Solutio helps employers manage their workers in terms of availability for work, holiday requests and periods of sick leave. Using the Solutio app, workers can engage directly with the end-user hirer which forges long-term relationships and enhances commercial performance.

Eliminates Errors

With employers empowered to input and edit uploaded information within the Solutio software platform, the risk of data error is vastly reduced. Supply chain teams all share the same data irrespective of which entity entered the information in the first instance.

Benchmark Performance

Solutio enables employers to benchmark the performance of umbrella company’s payroll processing in terms of speed, accuracy and compliance. Hirers can also monitor how quickly umbrella providers respond to problems or queries from workers to ensure they are providing appropriate customer service levels. These tools provide invaluable business intelligence to end-user management teams.

Timesheet & Expenses Approval

Solutio features a timesheet ‘traffic light’ system whereby timesheets and expenses submissions are displayed as either approved, rejected or paid across the supply chain. The feature is visible to the employer who can also edit and amend all submissions to ensure calculation and transaction accuracy.

Bespoke Payroll Uploads

Solutio enables the employers to request payroll runs at any time and according to various predefined criteria including individual worker, specific project or recruitment agency. Once an employer has made a payment into Solutio, they can view all subsequent communication and transactions across the supply chain.

Timeline Tracker

Real-time list of push notifications, text alerts and emails from all those relevant to a worker supply chain including employer, recruitment consultant and umbrella payroll provider. Enhances all aspects of communication, improves productivity and cements relationships between all entities.

Guarantees Compliance

Deploying Solutio eliminates the threat of ‘supply chain risk’ on behalf of the employer. Visibility of all information and access to Solutio Analytics forensic reporting capability, ensures hirers have the tools to interrogate data and transactions in advance.

Security & Privacy

Highly secure coding and system architecture hosted on UK-based Google payroll engine. Fully compliant with all facets of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) introduced in 2018 and SSAE-18* SOC 2 (System and Organisation Controls) ‘best in class’ software.
* SSAE-18 (Statement on Standards for Attestation Engagements – 2018)

For more information regarding Solutio and how it can enhance the relationships between an employer and the contingent worker supply chain, please do not hesitate to contact Sophie Law to arrange an online demo via enquiries@solutio.com or 07789 488 081.