Payroll Software For Employers

Streamline your payroll process by getting access to assignment information and detailed transaction data instantly with Solutio the all-in-one payroll platform.

Improve your onboarding, streamline your payroll, and reduce your stress

Employers are often excluded when it comes to payroll processing systems. You don’t get the same care as recruitment agencies or umbrella companies – but Solutio is here to put a stop to that.

Solutio’s all-in-one payroll software positions employers at the heart of it all. We help employers organise their payments, documents, onboarding, work availability, and even timesheets.

All this data can be accessed easily on the online web portal or through the worker app so you don’t have to worry about organising everything yourself. You’ll be able to view, edit, and approve all the information, transactions, and holiday requests with a simple click of a button.

How Solutio Can Help Employers

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Inclusive Communication Interface

Get access to all the data you need in one place. Employers can easily monitor all worker activity, get assignment information and keep track of financial transactions with the Solutio web portal or app.

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Easy Onboarding Processes

Use the app, or desktop portal, to get access to personal details and assignment information in seconds. You can get contracts signed and distributed instantly with Solutio to help speed up your onboarding process.

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Manage Availability For Work

Make managing your workers’ availability easy with Solutio. You can sort out holiday requests and sick leave in an instant thanks to the help of the Solutio app and web portal.

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Eliminates Errors

Reduce the risk of data error by inputting all your data straight into the Solutio platform. You’ll also be able to easily edit and share data eliminating any room for mistakes.

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High-Speed Performance

Improve your payroll processing speed, accuracy and compliance. You’ll also be able to set benchmarks for payroll processing speed with an umbrella company you work with.

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Timesheet & Expenses Approval

Upload all your timesheets to the Solutio app whenever and wherever you like. Solutio has a built-in colour-coded system that will help you keep track of employee timesheets so you can let them know when they’ve been approved or denied. You can also edit and amend all submissions to make sure they’re all accurate.

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Custom Payroll Uploads

With Solutio you can request payroll runs whenever you like. You’ll also be able to view all communications and transactions after you’ve made a payment so you can keep track of your financials.

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Timeline Tracker

Send out texts, emails and push notifications to any worker to help enhance your communication and improve the productivity of your workforce.

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Cutting-Edge Analytics

With Solutio you get access to detailed data analytics, real-time business intelligence, and company insights thanks to our fully customizable 3D analytics dashboard.

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Security & Privacy

Our highly secure coding and system architecture are hosted on the UK based Google payroll engine that’s fully compliant with GDPR and SSAE-18 SOC (system and organisation controls) best in class software.

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