Payroll Software For Recruitment Agencies

Start managing your onboarding, assignments, and your payroll processes from a single online portal. Minimise your overheads and maximise your profitability by taking your payroll to the next level with Solutio.

Simplify Your Recruitment Payroll Process

It’s time to optimise your payroll processes with the help of Solutio. There’s no need to chase employers for timesheets anymore, onboarding information or holiday and sick day requests. Our system manages your back-office functions without the need for multiple applications.

Solutio is a web-based portal and app that allows recruitment teams to manage and view all activity in real-time.

Employees can easily upload all the information for themselves via the worker app making it easier for you to get the documents you need when you need them.

With Solutio you can stay in direct contact with all workers and help improve retention, reliability and profitability. Start minimising errors and streamlining your processes all from a single dashboard.

How Solutio Can Help Recruitment Agencies

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Connecting The Recruitment Supply Chain

Solutio is developed with recruitment agencies in mind. It’s there to unify the recruitment supply chain including workers, end-user clients, umbrella companies and of course recruiters.

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Self-serve Onboarding

Get access to immediate onboarding registrations with the online portal and worker app. With minimal manual administration onboarding, and offboarding, has never been so simple.

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Effortless Document Management

Document sharing has never been so easy across supply chains. With Solutio’s document management system you can get rid of any errors and improve your administrative efficiency. Store assignment contracts, project details, timesheets and any other documentation all in the same place.

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Rapid Pay & Bill Features

Have all the contact information, timesheets, fees, billing, financial transactions and more at your fingertips to help make payments and bills a seamless process.

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Lightning-fast Payroll Uploads

Our fast, one-click payroll processing system lets you upload numerous payrolls quickly. It also includes a unique reverse payroll feature that lets you instantly recall or rectify errors without losing your data.

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Connects To Existing Networks

Solutio is completely compatible with third-party CRM and back-office software platforms. This means you can upload all your payroll data without having to log out of your old systems.

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Supply Chain Communication

With Solutio you have complete control over the whole assignment process. From candidate registration to payment it’s all at your fingertips. Make communication easy by sending out notifications, text alerts or emails to everybody in the supply chain.

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Proven Compliance

Show how committed you are to compliance with Solutio’s timeline tracker. This allows you to document worker activity automatically giving your reliable and detailed audits.

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Forensic Business Insights

With Solutio you get access to detailed data analytics, real-time business intelligence, and company insights thanks to our fully customizable 3D analytics dashboard.

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Seamless Implementation Process

When you decide to implement Solutio you’ll be met with a seamless process. The rapid system deployment, impressive staff training, system updates and a competitive fee structure makes Solutio a fantastic recruitment payroll software.

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