Recruitment Agencies Pay & Bill Software

Solutio Overview

Solutio provides recruitment agencies with significant commercial advantage via its ability to synchronise contingent workers data, assignment information and timesheets with all those active in the supply chain. The simultaneous sharing of information streamlines every facet of the placement and assignment process and enables all departments to benefit from a single point of data-entry and pro-active communication.

Solutio’s web-based portal enables recruitment teams to manage and view a worker’s activity in real-time including availability, timesheet submission, pay and bill transactions, and, ultimately, payments. Consultants and administrative staff can also engage with both the end-user clients and the umbrella company via the Solutio interface to ensure all data is both up-to-date and accurate. Workers are actively engaged in the whole process by self-serving information via the Solutio mobile app which is widely regarded as the best of its kind on the market.

With skill shortages predominant in many sectors, recruiters need to forge commercially beneficial relationships with workers who, increasingly, recognise their value; Solutio has the inherent tools to ensure agencies deliver an elevated user experience for their workers which improves retention, reliability and, ultimately, profitability.


Connecting the Recruitment Supply Chain

Advanced payroll & human capital management software platform developed specifically to help unify the recruitment supply chain including workers, end-user clients, umbrella companies and recruiters. Compatible will all payroll models including PAYE, umbrella, CIS & Limited Company.

Self-serve Onboarding

Immediate onboarding (and offboarding) registrations via cloud-based online portal and worker mobile app enables single point of data entry and minimal manual administration. White label options for both the portal and the app to strengthen your agencies’ brand.

Effortless Document Management

Transparent sharing of all documents across the supply chain accelerates the placement process, eradicates errors and improves administrative efficiency. Assignment contracts, project specifications, timesheets and expenses, plus any other relevant documentation readily available to all sanctioned parties.

Rapid Pay and Bill Features

Seamless flow of contract information, timesheets, fees, billing, invoices, financial transactions, remittances and payslips between all supply chain entities ensuring both data accuracy, demonstrable compliance and real-time bank reconciliations.

Lightning-fast Payroll Uploads

Fast & transparent ‘one-click’ payroll processing irrespective of volume or complexity. Connected to HMRC in real time via APIs. Upload to umbrella providers in a variety of formats including CSV, Excel, PDF or even manually. Includes unique reverse payroll feature enables instant recall to rectify errors without losing any data.

Connects to Existing Networks

Independent operating system fully compatible with third-party CRM and back office software platforms integrated via APIs and webhooks. Agency teams can upload payroll data without logging out of other systems vastly improving productivity.

Supply Chain Communication

Recruiters form the hub of the contingent workforce supply chain and are empowered by Solutio to control the whole assignment process from candidate registration through to payment. Connect with all those active in the supply chain via push notifications, text alerts or emails. Improves worker retention and referrals.

Proven Compliance

Recruitment agencies can demonstrate their commitment to compliance via Solutio’s timeline tracker which documents all worker activity and system entries automatically. Reliable audit trails provide total peace of mind to all agency stakeholders.

Forensic Business Insights

Cutting-edge & customisable 3D Solutio analytics dashboards utilising OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) drag and drop technology enables detailed data analysis, real-time business intelligence and generates invaluable company insights.

Seamless Implementation Process

Rapid system deployment, staff training, parallel testing runs, system updates and competitive fee structures. White label options also available to enhance your recruitment agencies brand identity.

To find out more about how Solutio can enhance the commercial performance of a recruitment agency, please do not hesitate to contact Sophie Law via or 07789 488 081 to arrange an initial discussion or an online demo.