Payroll Software For RPOs & PEOs

Providing RPOs, PEOs and other outsourcing firms with the power, speed, and accuracy to manage a vast number of workers and transactions.

Simplify The Payroll Process For Your RPO or PEO

Gain access to an array of tools that can help your RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) or PEO (Professional Employment Organisations) enhance its management of contingent workers.

Solutio has also been designed to accommodate the requirements of a variety of organisations managing workers across many different industries.

Solutio can help simplify your payroll process and make it easier for you to manage your temporary workers.

How Solutio Can Help RPOs & PEOs

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Payroll Automation

Automate the contingent workforce payroll process with our payroll management software. Our software is designed specifically to help outsourcing organizations improve their speed and accuracy when it comes to payroll.

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Custom Payroll Uploads

With Solutio you can request payroll runs whenever you like. You’ll also be able to easily view all transactions after you’ve made a payment so you can keep track of all your financials.

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UK Tech Platform

Solutio can be deployed seamlessly by multi-site organisations, quickly and effectively.

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Easy Onboarding Processes

Use the app, or desktop portal, to get access to personal details and assignment information in seconds. You can set-up workers instantly with Solutio to help speed up your onboarding process.

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Network Compatibility

Solutio is completely compatible with third-party CRM and back-office software platforms. This means you can upload all your payroll and worker data without having to log out of your old systems.

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Supply Chain Communication

Connect to everybody active in the supply chain and improve retention with push notifications, text alerts or emails thanks to Solutio’s cloud-based portal and worker app.

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Total Control Over Financing

Provide your contractor clients with accurate financial reporting, comprehensive billing services, and enhanced auditing capabilities thanks to Solutio.

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Forensic Business Insights

Get access to detailed data analytics, real-time business intelligence, and company insights thanks to Solutio’s fully customizable 3D analytics dashboard.

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Security & Privacy

Our highly secure coding and system architecture are hosted on a UK based Google payroll engine that’s fully compliant with GDPR and SSAE-18 SOC (system and organisation controls) best in class software.

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Seamless Implementation & Training

Don’t worry about awkward implementation with Solutio. We implement our software quickly and seamlessly. We also provide full training courses so you know exactly what you’re doing.

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