Pay & Bill for RPO’s & PEO’s

Solutio Overview

Solutio’s advanced payroll and human capital software have both the functionality and scalability to provide RPO’s (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) and PEO’s (Professional Employment Organisations) with the vast array of tools required to enhance the outsourced provision and management of contingent labour. Inspired by an outsourcing model developed in America, RPO’s and PEO’s are increasingly prevalent in the UK especially among large companies with thousands (if not tens of thousands) of employees.

Throughout the five-year development process, Solutio’s technical team were acutely aware of the growth of outsourcing models among corporate businesses which are estimated to exceed $40 billion by 2027; accelerated adoption of this type of organisations is predicted in both Europe and Asia particularly within the manufacturing, retail, construction, IT and telecoms sectors.

Solutio’s global infrastructure and worldwide philosophy ensure that the system has been designed to accommodate the requirements of international organisations managing workers across various territories with differing tax laws, compliance regulations and HR requirements.


Payroll Automation

Advanced payroll and human capital management software platform developed specifically to help outsourcing organisations and their clients benefit from automating the contingent workforce payroll process. A vast array of unique features to ensure accuracy, speed and compliance across even the most complex supply chains.

Corporate Philosophy

Solutio’s management team encourages a a corporate mindset that ensures an inherent understanding of the demands of larger organisations. This mindset has been instrumental in the development of Solutio as a scalable software platform with the capability to serve organisations with complex talent management requirements.

Global Tech Platform

Synchronised ‘best in class’ cloud-based web portals and self-serve worker apps ensure Solutio can be seamlessly deployed by multi-site organisations including those in different countries. Incorporates multi-lingual and currency capability as required.

Worldwide Reach

With offices in both the UK and the Philippines, Solutio is a global organisation that embraces an international and entrepreneurial culture irrespective of location. The Solutio platform has been designed to provide a seamless payroll and human capital management solution to worldwide-focussed organisations in addition to those based in the UK.

Network Compatibility

Solutio is an independent operating system that is fully compatible with third-party CRM and back-office software platforms integrated via APIs and webhooks. Solutio can also be integrated with bespoke IT networks deployed by large organisations. For recruitment firms, runs payroll without logging out of other systems.

Supply Chain Communication

Relationship-building cloud-based portal and worker mobile app connect all those active in the supply chain via push notifications, text alerts or emails. Improves worker, agency and end-user client retention and encourages meaningful communication between all entities.

Total Fiscal Control

Comprehensive pay and bill capability provide total financial accuracy including automated self-bill, automated remittances, timesheet management, compliant payslips, and instant bank account reconciliations. Mukti-lingual and currency functionality can be incorporated as required.

Forensic Business Insights

Cutting-edge & customisable 3D Solutio Analytics dashboards utilising OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) drag and drop technology enables detailed data analysis, real-time business intelligence and invaluable company insights. Access to Solutio Analytics can also be defined according to staff roles to ensure appropriate information privacy and data protection as required.

Security & Privacy

Highly secure coding and system architecture hosted on a UK-based Google payroll engine. Fully compliant with all facets of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) introduced in 2018 and SSAE-18* SOC 2 (System and Organisation Controls) ‘best in class’ software.
* SSAE-18 (Statement on Standards for Attestation Engagements – 2018)

Seamless Implementation & Training

Rapid system deployment, parallel testing runs, system updates and competitive fee structures. Onsite staff training workshops supported by online tutorials, PDF documentation and interactive demos.

Those operating within the recruitment outsourcing industry are encouraged to arrange an interactive online demo of Solutio to gain a true appreciation of the system’s capabilities. In the first instance, please contact Sophie Law via or 07789 488 081.