Software for Umbrella Payroll Companies

Solutio Overview

Solutio transforms umbrella company payroll management and assignment processing by managing and validating all worker and assignment data up and down the supply chain. Payroll teams become highly efficient as Solutio automates, integrates and audits synchronised information and transactions to and from all entities, in addition to accelerating the actual umbrella payroll run.

Developed using cloud and app-based tech, Solutio preserves all aspects of an umbrella company’s compliance credentials, in addition to empowering staff from all departments with the most powerful and insightful reporting tools via Solutio Analytics interactive dashboards.

Solutio has been chosen by numerous umbrella brands as their software system of choice and they are already benefitting from the platforms enhanced functionality, calculation accuracy and payroll speed. A summary of the ten benefits of Solutio to an umbrella company are listed below:


Transforms the Umbrella Payroll Process

Advanced payroll and human capital management software platform developed specifically to help umbrella companies and their clients automate the contingent workforce payment process.

State-of-the Art Technology Platform

Cloud-based portal and self-serve worker app enable instant onboarding (and offboarding), assignment, timesheet and expenses management, plus all supply chain data transactions and payments.

Lightning-fast Payroll Runs

Fast & transparent ‘one-click’ payroll processing irrespective of volume or complexity. All umbrella payroll models catered for including PAYE, Umbrella PAYE, CIS and Limited Company. Connected to HMRC in real time via APIs.

Connects to Existing Networks

Independent operating system fully compatible with third-party CRM and back office software platforms integrated via APIs and webhooks. Runs payroll without logging out of other systems.

Total Fiscal Control

Comprehensive pay and bill capability provides total accuracy and forensic financial reporting tools including automated self-bill, remittances and bank reconciliation. Enhanced auditing capability to prove compliance.

Transparent Payslips

Itemised and compliant payslips illustrating gross & net pay, NLW, NMW, allowable expenses & all other statutory deductions. White label option available to include umbrella company (or agency) branding.

Supply Chain Communication

Relationship-building cloud-based portal and worker mobile app connects all those active in the supply chain via push notifications, text alerts or emails. Improves worker and agency retention and encourages meaningful communication.

Forensic Business Insights

Cutting-edge & customisable 3D Solutio analytics dashboards utilising OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) drag and drop technology enables detailed data analysis, real-time business intelligence and generates invaluable company insights.

Security & Privacy

Highly secure coding and system architecture hosted on UK-based Google payroll engine. Fully compliant with all facets of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) introduced in 2018 and SSAE-18* SOC 2 (System and Organisation Controls) ‘best in class’ software. * SSAE-18 (Statement on Standards for Attestation Engagements – 2018)

Seamless Implementation Process

Rapid system deployment, staff training, parallel testing runs, system updates and competitive fee structures. White label options also available to enhance your brand identity.

For more information regarding Solutio and how it can transform the payroll processes of an umbrella company, please do not hesitate to arrange an initial conversation with Sophie Law