Payroll Software For Umbrella Companies

Synchronise your company’s data with your contingent workers thanks to Solutio’s revolutionary all-in-one cloud-based payroll software.

Transform Your Payroll Management & Assignment Process

Start making your payroll team more efficient by using Solutio to automate, integrate, and audit synchronised information and transactions to and from everyone in your supply chain.

Solutio is developed using cloud and app-based tech and can help empower your staff with insightful reporting tools, enhanced functionality, and accurate payroll systems.

How Solutio Helps Umbrella Companies

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Transforming The Umbrella Payroll Process

Solutio is an advanced cloud-based payroll software developed to help umbrella companies and their clients automate the contingent workforce payment process.

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State-of-the-Art Technology Platform

Get access to instant onboarding, offboarding, assignment, timesheet, and expenses management with the Solutio cloud-based accountancy web portal and worker app.

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Lightning Fast Payroll

You’ll have access to one-click payroll processing making your services fast and transparent for your clients. Solutio can automate your services, making everything simple and easy for you and your client.

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Easily Synced To Existing Networks

Run payroll solutions for your clients without having to log out of your existing networks. Solutio is completely compatible with third-party software making your life, and your clients’ lives, easier.

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Total Control Over Financing

Provide your contractor clients with accurate financial reporting, comprehensive billing services, and enhanced auditing capabilities with Solutio.

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Supply Chain Communication

Connect to everyone in the supply chain and improve retention with push notifications, text alerts, or emails thanks to Solutio’s cloud-based portal and worker app.

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Provide Clear Payslips

Create clear payslips detailing gross and net pay, NLW, NMW, expenses, and any other deductions. There’s also a white label option giving you the ability to include your firm’s, or your client’s, branding.

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Forensic Business Insights

Get access to detailed data analytics, real-time business intelligence, and company insights thanks to Solutio’s fully customisable 3D analytics dashboard.

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Security & Privacy

Our highly secure coding and system architecture are hosted on a UK-based Google payroll engine that’s fully compliant with GDPR and SSAE-18 SOC (system and organisation controls), best in class software.

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Seamless Implementation & Training

Don’t worry about awkward implementation with Solutio. We implement our software quickly and seamlessly. We also provide full training courses so you know exactly what you’re doing.

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