Solutio Product Overview

Developed over the past five years using cutting-edge tech, Solutio is a new software platform that is revolutionising the payroll processing operations of numerous recruitment and umbrella brands in the UK. Any organisation involved in the provision of contingent labour will benefit from Solutio’s advanced functionality and features including:

  • Cloud, app & API-based system empowers clients & users.
  • Assignment data entered once & shared with the supply chain.
  • Real-time calculations & automated transactions guarantee accuracy.
  • Advanced statutory deduction tools including multiple pension providers.
  • Lightning-fast ‘one-click’ payroll upload & independent payment runs.
  • Forensic analysis & management information using Solutio Analytics.

These headline features represent just a snapshot of Solutio so we encourage you to Request a demo to gain a true sense of the software’s capabilities. Alternatively, please scroll down to read more about the benefits of Solutio’s functionality.

Payroll Management Software

Ultimately, Solutio empowers clients to manage their gross to net payroll function in real-time without having to log out of any other office systems. The UK-based payroll engine is hosted on powerful Google servers that ensure lightning-fast payroll runs and enable instant bank reconciliations, plus immediate data updates and HMRC submissions.

  • Independent operating system with powerful data management tools.
  • Payroll selection criteria includes by date, agency, client or worker.
  • Enables both multi-client/assignment & multi-agency/umbrella workers.
  • Run payroll before receiving funds if required.
  • The unique payroll reversal function automatically updates all data.
  • Generates compliant payslips & remittances with white-label options.

Solutio is the fastest payroll software product on the market with the power and flexibility to accommodate the permutations of the modern contingent workforce. Our current clients suggest that deploying Solutio has reduced their payroll team headcount by at least fifty percent and saved immeasurable time due to the eradication of errors.

Employee Onboarding & Offboarding

Solutio fully embraces a self-serve culture whereby relevant individuals within the supply chain take responsibility for imputing and managing their respective data. Workers and all those relevant employees in the supply chain are empowered to enter information only once to minimise the administrative burden and avoid mistakes.

  • Worker self-serve onboarding process via mobile app or online portal.
  • Personal profile created by a single registration form.
  • Third-party integration with compliance platforms
  • Information electronically verified by Trust ID & Compliance Assist.
  • Sign & store employment agreements & assignment contracts online.
  • Data synchronised across the supply chain including offboarding.

Solutio’s ability to streamline the worker onboarding and offboarding process highlight the benefits of a cloud and app-based system that enables real-time information sharing and data updates. Once onboarded, a worker can manage every facet of their assignment via the Solutio platform.

Worker Mobile App

Acknowledged as the best in the industry, Solutio’s mobile app constantly connects the worker to all those engaged in the assignment supply chain. Featuring a stunning design and contemporary user interface, the app enhances commercial performance by cementing the relationships between the worker, client, recruiter and payroll provider.

  • Fully compatible with iOS (Apple) & Android device.
  • Accessed using instant fingerprint, face & touch ID recognition.
  • Enhanced supply chain communication via real-time push notifications.
  • Submit & approve (or reject) timesheets & expenses claims.
  • Manage, sign & store assignment information & contract documents.
  • Receive compliant payslips & payment confirmations.

The Solutio app can also be accessed by approved supply chain administrators and linked to multiple worker bank accounts if desired. The app can also be utilised to manage a worker’s availability, holiday entitlements, statutory deductions & payments, plus any periods of sick pay.

Supply Chain Management

The provision of contractor labour has become increasingly complex with the supply chain often comprising the worker, end-user client, recruitment consultant and umbrella payroll provider, plus a further intermediary such as a primary contractor organisation or health trust. Solutio’s innate ability to connect all entities transforms these professional relationships and dramatically improves commercial performance.

  • Worker information & assignment data synchronised across the supply chain.
  • Single point of data entry via worker app or online web portals.
  • Enhanced communication with information shared by all entities.
  • Transparent & seamless flow of timesheets, expenses & deductions.
  • Comprehensive pay & bill functionality ensures financial control.
  • Data insights & management information generated by Solutio Analytics.

Embracing the collective power of Solutio enables those in the supply chain to dramatically improve their organisation’s efficiency and profitability. Minimising administrative tasks and reducing payroll overheads are inevitable consequences of deploying Solutio into the heart of recruitment or umbrella business.

Time & Attendance

Accurate timekeeping and timesheets are central to the success of the whole payroll process and Solutio has a suite of advanced features to streamline the process. Accessed via the worker mobile app or online web portals, Solutio’s empowers all those in the supply chain to view and edit submitted timesheets to minimise errors and ensure accuracy.

  • Self-serve timesheet submissions via advanced worker mobile app.
  • Detailed calendar views to highlight assignment days (or hours) worked.
  • Colour-coded timesheet matrix highlighting submitted, approved, rejected & paid.
  • Holiday pay & all statutory deductions calculated according to HMRC guidelines.
  • Advanced filtering functionality including by worker, assignments or agency.
  • Ability to appoint dedicated administrators to approve or reject timesheets.

Developed specifically for the contemporary contingent workforce, Solutio has the capacity to accommodate workers who undertake multiple assignments through a variety of recruitment agencies; the platform can also manage workers with more than one payroll provider and who prefer to use more than one bank account.

Accurate Pay & Bill

Solutio enables the most accurate pay and bill calculations due to its comprehensive range of features designed to cater for the modern contractor. Unrestricted by system limitations, Solutio’s flexibility ensures all computations, payments and statutory deductions can be catered.

  • Self-billing with detailed fields including worker, dates, hours/ days & description.
  • Configurable invoices & remittances automatically generated in a variety of formats.
  • Invoices cater for multi workers, agencies, end clients, assignments & currencies.
  • Accommodates multi-assignments, expenses, statutory payments & deductions.
  • Upload data in Excel, CSV, PDF, email, attachment & even handwritten formats.
  • Sophisticated financial analysis & reporting using Solutio Analytics dashboards.

With contingent workers increasingly undertaking multiple assignments through various agencies, it is essential that pay & bill software has the capability to reflect these scenarios. Solutio has been specifically developed to cater for every circumstance to ensure clients can control and trust all financial transactions.

Self-serve Expenses

New travel and subsistence legislation introduced in April 2016, tightened the rules regarding the expenses that could be claimed by contingent workers. Solutio features a highly configurable self-serve expenses facility enabling workers to easily submit legitimate claims to relevant entities in the supply chain for approval (or otherwise).

  • Photograph & store receipts using the Solutio mobile worker app.
  • Submit receipts & mileage claims to any entity in the supply chain for approval.
  • Agency, client or umbrella can set ‘auto-approved’ expense limits.
  • Colour-coded ‘traffic-light’; system to approve, reject & pay expenses.
  • Approved expenses payments automatically integrated into payroll & payslips.
  • Relevant individuals receive instant notifications as to the status of expenses.

All expenses information is simultaneously stored within Solutio and the workers online web portal and can be accessed at any time. Data can be analysed using Solutio Analytics real-time dashboards that preserves the compliance status of all appropriate supply chain entities. Compared to most other

Fully Compliant Payslips

As of April 2019, precise details of the number of hours worked by a contractor must be clearly displayed on their payslip and made available in either hard or electronic formats. Solutio automatically produces fully compliant payslips that are the most detailed in the industry to ensure all facets of compliance are adhered to.

  • Transparent illustrations of all payments & deductions.
  • Displays working hours & payments for day rate workers (not just 7.5 hours per day).
  • Ensures accuracy with regards to National Minimum Wage & National Living Wage.
  • Full breakdown of all statutory deductions including SMP, SPP & SSP.
  • Also illustrates pension & holiday pay contributions, expenses & commission.
  • Option to white-label payslips using client, agency or umbrella branding.

Solutio’s ability to calculate real-time figures from multi-site/agency workers and accommodate more than one pension provider, ensure the payslips generated are both comprehensive and compliant.

Statutory Deductions &
Voluntary Contributions

Solutio features the most comprehensive range of fields with regards to statutory deductions and other worker contributions. The system also automatically calculates all transactions based on schedules and payments to minimise manual administration.

  • Full list of statutory deductions including SMP, SPP, ShPP, SPL & SSP
  • Also includes student loans, apprenticeship levy & supply chain fees.Holiday pay options including ‘rolled-up’ or accrued (default).
  • Multi-pension facility linked to Pensionsync auto-enrolment platform.
  • Worker self-serves sick pay with automatically calculated entitlements.
  • Timeline tracker provides an audit trail of all days worked, holidays & sick leave.

All of these functions elevate the Solutio platform to a new level of relevance and accuracy hitherto unavailable in the recruitment industry. With information passed up and down the supply chain, Solutio dramatically improves the commercial performance of all entities.

One-click Payroll

Hosted on UK-based Google servers, Solutio’s real-time payroll engine delivers the fastest processing runs irrespective of worker numbers and transactions. The system will complete a run of thousands of workers in seconds with just ‘one-click’, vastly improving the efficiency of payroll teams in recruitment and umbrella organisations.

  • Independent operating system enables teams to stay logged in to other applications.
  • Accommodates all payroll models including PAYE, umbrella, CIS & Limited Company.
  • Select payroll run criteria includes date, agency, client & payment model.
  • Immediate reverse payroll facility to rectify any errors or data changes.
  • Automatic RTI CSV files submitted to HMRC with timestamp & IR mark.
  • All transactions & data analysed in forensic detail via Solutio Analytics.

Deploying Solutio into an organisation can reduce payroll team’s headcount by over fifty percent, in addition to vastly improving accuracy and commercial performance. Current clients have reported significant cost-savings when running payroll using Solutio and commented on the minimal time now spent on administration and rectifying errors.

Multiple Pension Facility

Unlike all other payroll software platforms, Solutio has the unique functionality to link a contingent workers profile to multiple pension providers as opposed to just a single entity. Solutio automatically links to a comprehensive list of providers and enables the worker to select and contribute to as many funds as desired.

  • Solutio linked to pensionsync portal via seamless API integration
  • Workers can select from the most comprehensive list of pension providers
  • Includes NEST, Aviva, Legal & General, NOW, Smart Pensions and many others
  • Empowers the worker to auto enrol with a multitude of chosen pension funds
  • Worker not limited to choosing just one provider as per competitors’ systems
  • Enables the worker to pro-actively manage their pension pots

In addition to adding value to worker relationships, the multiple pension facility has numerous other commercial benefits including vastly reduced admin, no manual processing, auto enrolment compliance and improved commercial advantage. Existing Solutio clients have reported that this feature alone has saved them considerable time and money, whilst simultaneously improving their customer service offering.

Solutio Analytics & Reporting

Featuring cutting-edge OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) cube technology, Solutio Analytics creates real-time reports and management information that is accessible by designated users across all devices. This ‘best in class’ feature is proving invaluable to existing clients and helps them analyse their organisations commercial performance.

  • Customised enterprise dashboards generated by drag and drop 3D technology.
  • Create, view, edit & share business intelligence, calculations & statistical modelling.
  • Allow various levels of access to protect & share data where appropriate.
  • Seamlessly integrate third-party data from other systems into Solutio Analytics.
  • Share data with supply chain partners to generate incremental value.
  • Secure & fully encrypted data in accordance with GDPR.

Solutio Analytics is the most powerful data reporting tool available in the UK recruitment sector and is included as standard with Solutio deployments. Other lesser products on the market are charged independently and have to be integrated with other software products; with Solutio, clients literally get it all.