October 17, 2019

Solutio’s Co-founder & CEO (Asia) interviewed on the Eagle News TV network broadcast from Manila in the Philippines.

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The interview was featured on the ‘Open for Business’ programme where David extolled his vision for the development of global payroll technology platforms. In addition to leading Solutio’s software development team in Asia, David is also CEO of his Just Payroll business based in Manila. His vast experience of trends within the payroll sector allied to his evangelical insights into the advancement of cutting-edge tech, ensure his interview is both captivating and inspiring.

There is a tendency for the UK-based recruitment sector to be somewhat cynical with regards to deploying software platforms developed beyond these shores; however, this is a blinkered mindset as the true frontiers of technology are being developed in the tech hubs of India, China and, of course, the Philippines.

These are the places where a fresh, liberated approach combine with a relentless ambition to create innovative solutions to help the world become a better place. “Doing good’ is a genuine feature of this new philosophy and one which is accelerating the growth of Asian economies like no others. Solutio is a business which embraces these characteristics as they inspire our teams in both Asia and the UK to push the boundaries and capabilities of payroll software.

Solutio’s integrated cloud and app-based platform has the potential to transform the very operations of businesses active in the contingent worker supply chain. Synchronising data, self-serving functionality and transparent transactions are headline features, but Solutio offers so much more.

Watch David’s interview and you will quickly realise that Solutio operates at the forefront of a global tech revolution which will transform the UK recruitment industry sooner rather than later.