March 24, 2020

Solutio’s Latest Software Release Includes Numerous New Features to Further Help Umbrella Companies & Contractors.

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Solutio Release Even More Automated Payroll Features

Solutio has released the latest version of its software platform which includes a raft of new features and technical improvements to enhance the experience of our umbrella payroll clients, their supply chain partners and contractors.

Despite the global crisis caused by the COVID-19 outbreak, the vast majority of the contracting community continues to undertake assignments especially in critical sectors such as health, social care, transport, logistics, manufacturing and IT among many others. Allied to this, the inevitable shift to home working renders Solutio’s cloud and app-based payroll software even more relevant and appropriate for the times in which we find ourselves.

The primary new features released this week include:

Improved Joint Employment Module

With the Joint Employment model becoming increasingly prevalent among payroll intermediaries and end-user clients, it was appropriate that Solutio’s functionality was upgraded to take account of these enhancements. The new features enable all so-called joint employers to access data regarding any JEA (Joint Employment Agreement) including workers details, procurement contracts and reporting information via crystal clear user interfaces and dropdown menus.

As ever, Solutio’s payroll software platform evolves in unison with the fluctuating demands of the increasingly complex contracting market. Our Joint Employment module is now the most advanced on the market and instrumental in demonstrating the compliant nature of these arrangements.

Consolidated & Scheduled Invoicing

Following extensive performance testing in liaison with existing Solutio clients, the platform’s Invoicing functionality has been substantially enhanced. Users can now auto-generate both Individual and Consolidated Invoices at a pre-defined scheduled time. Consolidated Invoices can also be generated and downloaded by a specific Category including Location, Job Title, Worker Group or All if necessary.

Users can now select both single and multiple records for invoicing, in addition to including a Purchase Order Number in the Companies Configuration column. Some of these enhancements might sound somewhat insignificant, but they are vital details which streamline the operations of our clients’ finance teams.

New Pay Illustrator Calculator

This exciting new feature enables the intermediary (or umbrella company) to compare the variants in earnings of any given worker depending on the selected payroll model chosen. The tool generates accurate computations for each of the following models:

  • PAYE by Umbrella
  • PAYE by Agency
  • CIS (Construction Industry Scheme)

Administrators can enter various data into the tool to establish the parameters of each payroll model so that each illustration mirrors the calculations produced when actually running payroll. The results of each illustration can be documented either in PDF or email format and used for internal analysis or even to send to contractors so they can consider their preferred option themselves.

Needless to say, all of this functionality can be managed via Solutio’s online desktop portals with real-time notifications sent via the Solutio ‘first mobile’ app.

Worker Advances

Topically, workers can now request a short-term loan via their app using the new Advances feature. Once submitted, the request can be approved immediately subject to the sanction of relevant entities within the worker’s assignment supply chain. The Advances module largely automates the whole process as it uses loan and payment history, activity and eligibility checkers, plus other pre-defined criteria to approve any given request.

In the current volatile climate whereby many contractors face uncertain futures, this facility is both desirable and timely.

Enhanced Expenses Functionality

The submission and acceptance of business expenses by contractors remains a concern for both HMRC, recruitment agencies and umbrella companies. Ensuring that expenses claims are both legitimate and compliant has always been a challenge for the contingent worker supply chain and examples of historic abuse are somewhat legendary within the industry.

Thankfully, Solutio now includes an array of enhanced features for both the umbrella company and the worker that strengthen the legitimacy of any given claim including:

  • New Expense Category: An addition to the existing Reimbursable Expenses function whereby the payroll company can now select Business Expense as a new category.
  • New Expenses Types: Enhancements to existing predefined Business Expenses enable the umbrella company to configure maximum mileage claims which can be duly auto approved. Similarly, the deposit paid on electrical equipment can be configured in the form of a percentage corresponding to the actual expenses amount.
  • SDC Assignment Status: Solutio now enables the umbrella company to tag a worker’s assignment status as subject to SDC (Supervision, Direction or Control) which, in turn, renders any mileage expenses claim as ineligible.
  • 24 Month Rule for Assignments: Solutio automatically calculates a worker’s assignment tenure and ineligibility to submit mileage expenses after 24 months.

All of these enhancements to Solutio are now ‘live’ in the system and designed to improve the day-to-day operational use of the platform by our clients. We receive numerous requests for subtle additions to the platform from those who are actively using the platform and we are delighted to include many of these in our long-term development roadmap.

A further release is planned for early April 2020 and we look forward to publishing more details upon launch. In the meantime, should you wish to find out more about how Solutio can transform your payroll processes and preserve your compliance, please do not hesitate to contact Sophie Law (Business Development Manager) on 07789 488 081 or via to arrange an interactive demo.