Our software solutions for umbrella payroll companies

Transform your umbrella company payroll processing operation by using the Solutio software platform which offers a unique suite of benefits to help save both time and money. Quite apart from rapidly accelerating the actual umbrella payroll run itself, Solutio’s payroll technology includes a raft of unique features that strengthen the commercial relationships throughout the supply chain including worker, recruiter, client and payroll provider.

Umbrella software by Solutio
Umbrella company back office solution’s from Solutio

Fully compliant and developed using state of the art technology, Solutio empowers payroll teams to manage all aspects of the worker assignment process via a single portal which stores all data, contracts & transactions in real time. Flexible and robust, Solutio enables instant communication across the supply chain which, in turn, maximises accuracy, eliminates mistakes and engenders closer ties between all entities.

Solutio’s umbrella payroll software is a highly automated interface which minimises the workload of both back & mid office staff and recruitment agency payroll staff & consultants by allowing each party to view the same information in real time. Workers also benefit as they can manage their assignments, timesheets, expenses and all other deductions via an app which is both Apple & Android compatible.

Solutio’s umbrella payroll app

This product overview gives but a snapshot of the power of Solutio and its ability to transform umbrella company’s payroll operations. Further benefits are listed on this page, but please click the button below to arrange an initial discovery call with our national sales team. We look forward to helping to save your umbrella payroll business time and money whilst simultaneously and dramatically improving your commercial performance.

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10 Benefits of Solutio’s Payroll Solutions for Umbrella Companies


Advanced workforce management & ‘one click’ umbrella payroll software platform.


Cloud-based portal integrating instant onboarding (and offboarding), plus all agency, worker & client transactions.


Fast & transparent real-time payroll processing connected to HMRC.


Independent operating system compatible with third-party CRM & back office solutions via APIs.


Comprehensive accountancy & financial reporting tools including automated self-bill and bank reconciliation.


Enhanced auditing capability to prove & preserve compliance.


Itemised payslips illustrating NLW, NMW, allowable expenses & all other statutory deductions.


Communication interface connecting the supply chain via notifications, texts & email.


Improved worker & agency retention via Solutio mobile app.


Free & rapid system deployment, staff training, system updates & competitive fees. White-label branding option also available.